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I'm very new to guns in general (only started shooting in August, purchased my Tippmann as my first gun last week), so apologies if this is kind of a newbie question.

I bought a sling to use with my M4-22 Pro, and since the brochure states it has both front and rear sling mounts, I assumed I didn't need any additional hardware. However, after looking at the sling and the gun I can't figure out where the front attachment point is.

Also, should I attach the rear sling mount to the stock, or to the plate between the stock and the buffer tube?

Lastly, if there are any accessories that you guys would recommend and I might not have thought of, let me know!
That is a simple question with a lot of complex answers.

The beauty of the AR 15 platform is you have a lot of flexibility in mounting a very wide assortment of accessories. The beauty of the Tippman is it is about the closest you can get to a real AR15 in a purpose-made 22LR.

For the front mount, you can get pretty much any M-lok sling mounts. I happen to like Magpul but any will likely do. You can mount on either the underside or along the side depending on what your intended usage will be. And you can get multiple quick-detach mounts and move the sling attachment where you want it.

If all you want the sling for is a means to shoulder the gun while walking into the woods, it probably doesn't matter where you mount either the front or the rear mounts. Use whatever works and whatever is comfortable for you.

However IMHO that is seriously short-changing the value of a sling.

A sling can and should be an integral part of the gun and part of your marksmanship and shooting dynamics.

I will also strongly encourage you to do a Appleseed workshop mentioned above.

That was better basic marksmanship training and use of a sling as part of your rifle shooting system in one weekend at a 25 meter range with a 10/22 than I got from Uncle Sam in basic training.

For unsupported shooting for accuracy using a sling, You want a GI/Garand style sling mounted from the front underside of the forend and the rear of the buttstock.

For more "tacticool" applications like fast roping out of helicopters and breaching and room clearing buildings, you may be better of with different attachment methods.

And for just carrying it over your shoulder into the woods, it probably doesn't matter much.
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