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M&P 22 compact rear sight

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My wife’s shooting partner has a 22 compact, while shooting yesterday the elevation screw flew off hit her in the nose and landed on the table ( what are the odds ). Appears though that the spring is lost, anyone know the approximate size? I’ve contacted S&W but when I asked about the missing thread protector in 2019 I never got a response.

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I put some blue loctite on elevation screw. Hoping that keeps it from flying off. It should.
So far my rear sight is staying put. I didn't change a thing from the factory settings and my pistol prints about an inch high at 7 yards and is several inches high at 25 yards. I took a few shots with it this week at a 10" gong at 100 yds just for fun and managed to hit it a couple time. What amazed me was that I didn't have to hold over the target. A center hold on the gong produced the couple hits and lots of close misses at that distance. I bought this for cheaper practice (I have a 9mm Shield) for draw and fire drills. I'm pleased to report no jams or misfires. It's showing to be pretty reliable.
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