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M&P 22 compact - how’s the trigger?

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How is the trigger on the M&P 22 Compact? Is it modifiable?
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How is the trigger on the M&P 22 Compact? Is it modifiable?
I think the nice way to put this is, if you're shopping for a pistol with a good trigger feel, this one would not be one that appears in the upper part of that list.

There are at least two smiths that routinely work on these, one in Colorado and the other near Houston. Don't have the information handy, just at this moment. I've elected to not spend the $.
How is the trigger on the M&P 22 Compact? Is it modifiable?
When the hammer is in the fired position you will see a small ledge that engages the sear. I very judiciously reduced that ledge using fine paper grit. It took a while but I got the trigger from 6+ lbs to 4 lbs. You have to make sure the ledge is level and even from one side to the next. It is more manageable and more accurate since you don't fight with the trigger.
Trigger is just ok. Curve of the trigger is such that after a couple hundred rounds my finger is sore.
Just to make sure I'm talking about the same gun: my remarks below are directed at S&W's M&P Compact .22, not the full size M&P version. According to the reviews, the Compact is 7/8 the size of the other one. So here goes.....

Before my friend brought it out of his range bag, I'd not seen nor heard of this Smith auto....the gun was unfired at the time, and we put 150 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag solids through it. We cleaned it up about half way through the session. Overall we both really liked the gun, but both of us found the trigger gritty as heck...It was a new gun and all, but this was, in a word, a truly lousy trigger.

Down in my shop, at the half way point, we cleaned it up and used a bit of grease/Kroil on all the sliding parts. That helped a lot. After the grease job and oil change, I'd judge the trigger "on the low end of mediocre", but a definite improvement.

Even with the crummy trigger, the gun was a joy to shoot. Shooting from a two-handed Weaver Stance, at the 10 yd line, on my range here on the farm, I was getting 1-1/4" groups with CCI Mini-Mag solids. Really great accuracy for a 15 oz. pistol, especially with that lousy trigger IMHO. The gun's got the accuracy, we both agreed and is only held back by the trigger.

Overall, I was so impressed, I trotted down to Glauber's in Carrollton KY this morning, and bought one. ($389 + Tax OTD). The two clerks there also noted the accuracy and reliability of these petit pistols.

On this last point, between my friend and I, we collectively ran ~ 225 rounds through the two guns with ZERO malfunctions...none...nada. For a .22 plinker, that's outstanding...and it says a lot about S&W's engineering work up. Geez, I wish they'd just continued another 5 minutes smoothing up the trigger...enough, you get the idea....

Good/great sights...I do like the three-dot system, especially with an adj. rear. It was easy to dial it in for the ammunition we had on hand.
Accuracy: The two examples I've shot were really good for a very, very light weight plinking auto. I'm impressed so far, especially considering the trigger oddities.
Ergonomics: It's a small auto that initially I thought would be a problem for my size "L" hands...not so...it feels very similar to a Sig P365 in my use. While the reach to the trigger is a little short for me (about like a "J" frame Smith revolver with good oversize combat grips) the Compact 22 feels good and consequently my groups were not wandering due to grip issues.
Field stripping: Ok, a little different in that the slide does not come off fwd as in most autos. This one lifts off the top...sort of like a M-41 Smith IIRC. This allows good access to the barrel for cleaning from the breach and for keeping the bolt face crud under control.
Magazines (2): This is a nice touch as some .22 autos come with only one and charge half a "C" note if you want another.
Fit & Finish: Hickok45 said it looked and felt like quality...a real gun. Some of the sub-caliber uppers I've used over the years and the GSP offerings leave me with the impression that I've got a pot metal toy in my hands. Not so with this Smith Compact .22.
Manufacture: It's made entirely in the US at the Springfield Ma factory...well, I guess we could call Massachusetts still part of the USA...but you get the idea. Not China, not Russia, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, Korea or what have you...it's "Made in the USA".
Safety: I really like this one...reminiscent of my 1911's...big enough to easily find, but not so much to be hinderance in the holster.​

That darned trigger...it's manageable with some grease as is, but I sure hope it settles in with some extended use. The rest of the package is so appealing, I really have high expectations. If there's some U-tube video on it, I may be tempted to shorten the break-in period vis-a-vie the trigger and do a bit of home gunsmithing.​

Best Regards, Rod

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Made up a holster for my M&P 22 Compact...OWB, rides high at my customary 4:00 position. Regards, Rod

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I have only shot a friend's compact M&P22 once. I was not impressed with the trigger on his gun. I previously owned the M&P22 full size and liked the trigger on that much better.
Update on my M&P 22 Compact break-in & trigger. I've put 250 rounds through the gun to date. A mix of Fed Auto-Match, CCI Meateater, CCI Mini-Mags (Solid and HP), CCI Standard Vel., Winchester yellow box Super-X HP's, and Aguila Rifle Match. The trigger has improved markedly since new, with a smoother take up and a slightly crisper release...it's not to the level of any S&W revolver, but I'd match it against my wife's Glock 23 at this point.

The accuracy winners so far are: CCI Standard, Aguila Rifle Match & CCI Mini-Mags...all of which will keep a mag full inside an inch at 10 yds from a non-supported Weaver Stance...and that's about the limit of my ability with any hand gun. I really should back out to 25 yds from a rest and see what the gun will do under ideal conditions. For a fun trail and camp plinker it's more than OK from my perspective. It's no problem hitting my 5" circular plates from 35 yds, offhand with it, and again, that's about the limit of my shooting prowess with any handgun.

All of the above mentioned ammunition cycled well, with two malfunctions in the ~250 rounds fired to date: Aguila Rifle Match did not cycle the slide enough to pick up the 2nd round in the mag today; and CCI Standard did the same yesterday; both with a dirty gun. But for the vast majority of shooting (100% of the high velocity rounds fired), the gun feeds and fires very well...a note here: I do clean after each range session...& usually start the firing with a clean pistol.

My cleaning regimen is not overly fastidious: I brush out the chamber face and the bolt/firing pin face, then run a nylon bore brush through the bbl., and finish with quick brush out of the fire control parts that I can reach with a slim toothbrush, the GI kind. A drop of Kroil on the sliding parts and I'm done in about 3 minutes.

All in all, the gun's a joy to shoot and carry. I've made up a 2nd holster for it, finding that my initial effort did not protect the magazine release button sufficiently, allowing the mag button to release when the gun is holstered. The new holster is the same OWB design, but with a cutout over the mag release button that solved the problem.

Best regards, Rod
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I bought one on the recommendation of a shooting buddy. He said his trigger was “okay” but not great. I liked the fact that is was made in the USA and not a GSG made gun. My trigger was gritty and never seemed to break at the same point. The reset was consistent. A quick clean up and some white lithium grease and seemed to smooth up. Fun plinker and host.
Mind would be fun if not for the heavy trigger pull, it also jams once or twice every 50 rounds. Odly, I have a 9MM EZ and it has a very good trigger(lighter pull) than the .22. Disappointed with the .22. I don't have much luck with S&W warranty so I'll live with it or find someone who wants it.
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