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M&P .22 compact holster

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I'm looking to use my Smith and Wesson M&P .22 Compact this winter as an action pistol training tool for draws and transitions between multiple targets.

I'm looking for an OWB Kydex holster with adjustable retention. Anyone know of one?

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Vedder makes a nice Lightdraw OWB holster with adjustable tension.


I have a paddle holster (leather) for a Sig Sauer P6/226 that fits both my Sig Mosquito and M&P22C
So a Sig holster may be an option? Of course YMMV....Some suggest M&P9/40/45 holsters with differing results. Depends on the maker.


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Fobus OWB paddle holster should work. Click on middle photo of ad, MP22 Compact is first pistol listed.
Second link is a Kydex/Leather OWB for MP 22 compact. Select L or R hand and Model no. from drop down windows.
Google is your friend.............:bthumb:


I'd found both of those and was considering the Vedder, but thought I'd ask the experts here to see what you have tried. Thanks!
Just a FYI You may try Glock holsters for fitment

Here is our M&P22c in a holster for a Glock 17 (used for DBFS9) I picked up of ebay for around $20-25

With no adjustments it has retention even when shaken upside down.
One with a adjustment screw may work for you.


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I tried using my Glock holsters and they do a pretty good job if I tighten the retention screws far enough. Thanks for your input.
I agree, it sits my Glock 17 holster with slight adjustment but I also bought a ganeric holster off Amazon.

Universal OWB Holster for Sig/CZ/Springfield Armory/Beretta/S&W/1911/Taurus/Canik/FN/Walther/Browning,Fits 100+ Pistols for Full&Compact Size Pistols,Index Finger Release, Adjustable Paddle https://a.co/d/1tce00y

works absolutely fantastic.
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