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M-97 (?) Marlin lever.

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I am kinda looking for a restoration. This rifle came from the trunk of a 'vagabond' sort of guy. He worked with us, so he made really good money. However, he managed to have nothing, lived in his car. Died before he turned 30. His girlfriend (??) ended up with his car, brought the rifle to me about a year after he died. Car trunks are not a good gun storage area. Wasn't even in a gun case. Surprisingly, it only has surface problems.

I looked about the guy NE. I doubt I can afford him. Is there anyone else??

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If left in a trunk, bouncing around it probably is dinged up. These rifles are well made and with a little tlc most can be brought back to life. Some good gun oil, a Frontier 45 pad for the metal, a good bore scrub and it may be fine as a shooter. If you aren't comfortable cleaning and checking it find a good local gunsmith and let them take a look at it, maybe clean it and test it for you. I hope you can get it ready and enjoy it for years to come.
Thanks for the response. I was once asked to ship an estate M-62 Winchester. It had several areas of surface rust probably from widow moving it place to place. I was able to remove most of it...took considerable time. That neglected gun was still in better shape than this Marlin.

I am having a bit of difficulty rounding my Marlins up. There are 50 or so .22 rifles all hanging on the same wall, excess is hanging on the next wall. Some are three deep on wooden pins.

At a recent show, I looked at two Marlins that were almost identical to a M-20. One slide action, one lever. Were very pricey. I didn't get to chat with the seller....maybe next show.

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