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Lowering the noise

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I am shooting my 10/22 into a target mounted on a steel trap designed for .22 ammo. Besides the shot itself, the trap makes an infernall sound when hit with a bullet.

How would I go about minimising the noise? Would it help if I glue some kind of material outside the steel trap to absorb sound and vibrations? Any other ways to reduce sound?

Would 10/22 cycle properly with subsonic ammo? If not, what is the quietest ammo I could use?

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You can glue some of the rubber backed commercial carpet tiles to the outside of the unit. I've done this before on steel wheel chair lift doors that really made a noise when the clanged closed. It was amazing on how the rubber backed carpet silenced the noise--and it looked good too!! Works similar to the silencer on a bow string by absorbing the vibrations. I have no idea of the legality of shooting in your city--but I wouldn't think it'd be illegal to glue carpet to a bullet trap? Still you may want to check--it's legal in sticksville, where I prefer to live.
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