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Lowering the noise

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I am shooting my 10/22 into a target mounted on a steel trap designed for .22 ammo. Besides the shot itself, the trap makes an infernall sound when hit with a bullet.

How would I go about minimising the noise? Would it help if I glue some kind of material outside the steel trap to absorb sound and vibrations? Any other ways to reduce sound?

Would 10/22 cycle properly with subsonic ammo? If not, what is the quietest ammo I could use?

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I appreciate your concern. I've known that already and I am certainly not going to do anything illegal or irresponcibe when it comes to firearms use/ownership.

REDTIP17: BigMike,
You noticed that he never answered your question about where he was shooting.

First, BigMike has not posted a question to but just a helpfull caution - appreciated but unnecessary in my case.

Second, I posted it 4:19 on Thursday - just before leaving the office. This is not a live chat but a bulletin board, so even if a reply from me were expected, you should have allowed me at least a whole business day to do so before you started implying ANYTHING. Not everyone has a full-time wireless internet connection or any usable connection outside the office.

As Dean correctly noted, this question is about a technical issue, not my address or whatever it might imply. At the same time I've made my address available in my profile and I would appreciate and welcome any advice as long as it does not contain unwarranted assumptions or implied accusations.
If the conversation is civil, I would expain my statements even though I have no obligation to do so.

I bought a trap for about $60 in a gun shop along with my rifles. I am certainly not planning to shoot a firerarm in my appartment or 25x30 feet backyard even if it were legal.

There are few ranges in NYC and I will probably not get there often but my friends outside the city allow me to shoot on their property. I'd like to use a trap because I want to be sure where my bullets end up and because I'd like to prevent unnecessary led contamination.
The extra noise offends my nature as does any sloppiness and besides it is inconsiderate.

I am not planning to hunt or compete with my 10/22 but use it for target practice and to accusom my son to being around the firearms - for a few years while he is too small to handle them.
I'd like to use the quietest ammo that would still cycle the action on 10/22 and get the bullet to a target 50 yards away. The primary consideration is safety - the lower energy the bullet has, the less chance of damage if it goes somewhere it is not expected to go and the less the led splashes into dust when the bullet hits the trap. The secondary is noise. Besides being considerate, I want reduce need for the hearing protectors or at least make the plug-in type sufficient.
I'd like to involve more of my friends in firearms ownership and I do not feel like stocking the cups for all of the possible spectators.

el solo: I only shoot air pistols indoors when at home.

I believe owning an airguns is not legal in NYC.

Elkein: 1. A carpet over the front.

That is a good idea - especially since it would stop most of the led dust spraying outside and easily penetrating the paper target.

Bob Adams: Anyone have plans on building one ? I would love to do some indoor shooting at my shop (big polebarn)

I would not recommend building a bullet trap unless you really know what you are doing - the one for sale is guaranteed to stop 22lr bullets and its shape is calcualted to deflect bullet pieces into the bottom compartment.

Pdwight: they said to use 4 or 5 old tires in a row to absorb the noise

That would not work for me since I need an arrangement that would fit in a trunk of my car but in case someome allows me to keep a bunch of old tires at their property, how does one use them to lower the noise?

willscary: why not fill the trap with ballistic putty?

What's a ballistic putty? The trap is mostly an inclined steel plate reflecting the bullets down into the base. Would the ballistic putty stay in it?


Now, what kind of flexible adhesive do I use to glue stuff to the painted metal? Would regular kitchen/bath silicone do? Any brands anyone could suggest that I'd find at Home Depot?

Thanks for your input,
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I am a programmer, not a laywer. I do participate in some other forums and so developed a certain style I use in on-line discussions - where people often misinterpret statements because of varying backgrounds, etc. and becasue they forget there is some context beyong what's actually typed and rush with judgements rather than asking for clarifications.

On paint - I don't know what it is but it seems to've survived a few bullet strikes, so it must be good.

willscary: When the putty is full of bullets, you simplyremove them...

It would probably involve more handling of led than one may find reasonable. Discarding may be a safer option.

Thanks, guys for the good info.

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