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Lowering the noise

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I am shooting my 10/22 into a target mounted on a steel trap designed for .22 ammo. Besides the shot itself, the trap makes an infernall sound when hit with a bullet.

How would I go about minimising the noise? Would it help if I glue some kind of material outside the steel trap to absorb sound and vibrations? Any other ways to reduce sound?

Would 10/22 cycle properly with subsonic ammo? If not, what is the quietest ammo I could use?

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Lead Exposure

Having worked at an indoor range that allowed the use of unplated cast lead bullets for many years, I can say safely that most lead exposure comes from poor hygiene rather than air inhalation, given proper ventilation. Most Indoor ranges have a STRONG current of air blowing downrange limiting exposure. Newer indoor ranges have blowers above each firing point that reduce exposure even further.

Most Lead is ingested or auto-introduced: Drinking beverages without first washing your hands after handling lead bullets or cleaning a firearm (Most Priming compounds use Lead Styphnate); food or open containers on the firing line are a Bad Idea. Smoking on the firing line is another way to get lead from your hands introduced into your system - smokers are many times more likely to have elevated lead levels within their bodies. Another area where ingestion is common is rubbing the skin around your eyes, nose and mouth (Poor weather conditions can aggravate this - runny noses at a cold range are no fun).

Simply washing your hands BEFORE you handle lead and dabbing your hands dry lightly, leaving a little soap on your skin to dry will reduce the risk of lead exposure. Washing your hands afterward is a given. If you have any open wounds or irritated fingernail cuticles, consider rubber gloves instead.

Lead exposure is 99% common sense and 1% Chemistry...and we don't want to get into the Chemistry.
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