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Lowering the noise

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I am shooting my 10/22 into a target mounted on a steel trap designed for .22 ammo. Besides the shot itself, the trap makes an infernall sound when hit with a bullet.

How would I go about minimising the noise? Would it help if I glue some kind of material outside the steel trap to absorb sound and vibrations? Any other ways to reduce sound?

Would 10/22 cycle properly with subsonic ammo? If not, what is the quietest ammo I could use?

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why not fill the trap with ballistic putty? Three or four inches thick should pretty much stop the bullet before it hits the back. If you use subsonic ammo besides, the noise should be minimal.
Ballistic putty is like modeling clay. It is a semi-soft material that I have used to stop pellets from my airgun in my basement. I am sure that it would both slow the .22 bullet enough to lessen the impact on the rear of the trap, and it would bond to the back of the trap, also helping to deaden the sound by increasing mass. When the putty is full of bullets, you simplyremove them and reshape the substance and put it back in the trap. It is also very cheap. Iwould bet modeling clay works just as well.

Hope this helps.
Actually, handling lead has never bothered me. If it bothers you, however, just wear some thin rubber gloves when removing the bullets.
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