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Looking for bulk ammo for a newbie mark II owner.

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I'm getting a new mark II and would like to know your experiences first with different varieties of cheaper bulk ammo.
In particular golden bullets, thunderbolts, dynapoints, and I guess we can throw in those dern wally feds. I don't care about accuracy as there is no certainty. Just looking for plinking ammo with little headaches. Do mark IIs typically feed this ammo alright. And from what I gather I may have some jams out of the new gun anyway.

While we're at it, how to stingers and yellowjackets cycle? Alright usually?

thanks. :)
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You are smart to look for bulk ammo for your Mk2. The darn things are so much fun to shoot you'll want the cheapest ammo you can find (as long as it feeds and is reasonably accurate). Do yourself a favor - buy a couple of extra mags and a Butler Creek "Thumb Saver".

I use CMP bulk ammo and have had no real problems with it. It seems that I shoot a box (325) every time I go to the range. I may have two jams/box, and I can live with that. Acceptable accuracy (who am I kidding, I'm the limiting factor, there....)

Good luck. Enjoy your .22.


I find that both the Thunderbolts [cheap & dirty] and the Dynapoints feed & shoot very well in my early [1982] MKII...! ! :t

Although the Hyper Velocity ammo has sex appeal, I would not shoot Stingers in my MKII; they are just too violent on the gun...! !
The 'lesser' Hyper Velocity rounds, like the Yellow Jackets and Vipers are probably OK.

1. Thoroughly clean the "Ruger" applied preservative out of your MKII's action and barrel before taking it to the range...! ! :eek:
2. The MKII likes a 'firm' grip; holding it 'loosely' will result in jams and misfeeds...! ! :(
3. Put one drop of light machine oil on the top of the retracted bolt [slide] prior to each shooting session; this will reduce or eliminate jams.
4. It will take ~ a brick or more of Hi Vel ammo to break-in the action of your new MKII.
5. I use a 10" nylon wire tie formed into a loop to pull the "mainspring housing latch" open for field stripping; non marring and tough...! ! :)

MKII Field Stripping

Enjoy your new MKII...! ! :)
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I find that a paperclip works real well to pull the mainspring housing latch out without scratching.

I use Golden Bullets almost exclusively with very few problems (maybe 1 FTE or FTF in 100 rounds)
Dis/Re assembly of MKII with pictures

There's a better, in my opinion, guide for taking apart your pistol.
Thanks. I will certainly try the dynapoints for sure b/c they are of VERY high quality, clean, and consistant. I'll try the goldens or milk cartons as well although they tend to be dirty. Thunderbolts third cause they are dirty and inconsistant.

As far as shooting stingers and yellowjackets
The gun will be sited in for the bulk ammo and the bulk ammo will be used for squirrel and rabbit.
I will shoot some stingers and yellowjackets at the range just to know where they shoot with the sites adjuested for a certain bulk. I want those hyper-hollows for targets of opportunity like varmits.
Federal bulk is the way to go id say...

I have used lots of ammo, but ive always found the Federal Bulk Pack to be the best. In my experience...Federal gives the most "bang" for the buck (bad pun intended), they are fairly consistent (not nearly match quality though), and have a decent copper coating on em (I try not to handle too much lead, and this make cleaning easier...if you can use a round as a pencil, it makes me a little uncomfortable), and seem to have much fewer misfires, or squib loads-especially compared to the remington stuff. Id advise you to install a $10 VQ extractor on your Ruger, and it will keep you happy for a long time...keep the origional extractor as a spare. CCI is great, but a little more costly, and winchester stuff is great, but not as great as the federal stuff(more "features" with the federal stuff).
I know everyone has unique experiences...once at the range, the guy next to me was using federal bulk, and every 5th round was a dud...some people love the remington golden stuff, bottom line, find something you like as your "staple" ammo, then look into some SS and hyper loads, and the super colibris are cool too.
p.s.-after you clean up your new ruger, reassemble but dont lubricate...then manually cycle your action for a bit (uhh lets say 100 times) this will help accelerate the break in process, so you have less problems the first few times out.
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I'm picking it up probably monday.

Here's a question.
I would like to take it out to the range the same day. I've already read the online instruction manual and understand how the gun operates.
In order to clean the new gun, is it good enough to clean it while the gun is NOT broken down. Clean the barrel and action as best I can and go shooting.
Breaking down that gun looks like a task and my tolerance level is not very high. I'm afraid if I take it apart it will not function for a day or two:rolleyes: and I want to shoot that day if I can.

Should I go ahead and take it apart to clean before the first time out?
I only break my Mk.II's down occasionally when they get really filthy. I usually always just use a patch worm (an add for them is somewhere on this forum) when they get dirty enough. That and wipe any crud off of the bolt face with a cleaning patch and give the immediate breach area a quick wipe. Lube when and if necessary.
As for ammo I have to agree with Dave B. I've shot several thousand of the Federal bulk pack and I'm quite happy with it. There may be the occasional misfire but this doesn't happen often enough to be a problem given the overall performance and price.
Hope this helps.
CCI Blazer is cheap and good.
Although, I'ma try me some Federal after reading this thread.
Another vote for the Blazers. Cheap, reliable and accurate.

Dynapoints have worked really well in my Rugers. Golden bullets have been ok, although they're dirty as heck.

Be sure to buy the Ultimate Clip Loader. Yeah...I know they're not clips, but I didn't make up the name. Nothing loads mags faster.
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