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Looking for a good .22 revolver

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I was about to go out and buy a new single six but am seeing some negative commentary about this gun.

I'm open to most any good revolver, single action and/or double action. I would appreciate some suggestions from members. Used is acceptable but the availability of them in good condition makes it more difficult to find what a person wants.

The use would be for hunting/plinking with open sights and would be carried in a leather holster.

Thanks in advance,

Mark 2
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Dream Guns for Carry

Mark 2,

Dream Guns for Carry:
S&W .22 Combat Masterpiece*
[later called the Model 18]
Colt .22 Diamondback

Junior Dream Guns for Carry:
S&W Kit Gun [later called the Model 34]

S&W .22/.32 Target [later called the Model 35]

Utility Dream Guns for Carry:
H-S Sentinel Deluxe
H-S Kit Gun

* My personal carry gun....! ! :cool:

[Copied from an earlier Post of mine]

Good Luck in your search.....! ! :)
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I've had an Old Model Super Single Six for over thirty years. It's very accurate, reliable and unbreakable. You can't go wrong with one of these, although, frankly, I prefer an older S&W K-22 without the underlugged barrel.
Good Enough!!!!!

The new SS "convertible" is reasonably priced so I'm off to get one. I'll also be trying to get a friend to sell me his very nice K-22 to match the K-38 I bought from him awhile back. I'm also going to look at the Taurus Tracker in .17 HMR. That way I'll have all the rimfires covered!

Many thanks for the input.

Mark 2
what about the S&W model 617 or model 17? very nice revolversin .22 cal
617 &17 S&W

The newer 617 & 17 revolvers come with the heavy barrel with full underlug. If a heavy gun is your choice these are excellent.
However if you want something lighter look for an older model 17;these come with the smaller barrel & minus the full underlug

The barrel on the newer guns is the same as used on the full size K frame guns which are .357 Mag / .38 Spec . With the smaller bore of .223 they are almost a bull barrel.

Hope this helps, Rod.
I vote with BigMike on the .22 Combat Masterpiece/M18. The M17 and M18 are both getting harder to find. Same for the .22 Kit Gun (in blue the M34, in stainless the M63) which is also discontinued. I don't think much of the super lightweight 317 Kit Gun and wish S&W would go back to making the M63. The stainless 617 (full underlug) is being offered this year in 4" barrel version, and this would be worth a look.--Leigh
Taurus 980

Mark 2

This past winter I bought a Taurus 980 with a 12 inch barrel. It's marketed as a target pistol and it is just fun.

I am no expert, but I am having a blast with it and I'm hitting targets. It is finicky about ammo, but if you're looking for a relatively accurate revolver -.22, I'd give it a high recommendation.

There's a lot of good revolvers out there, good luck with making a choice.

For economy I'd jump all over another EAA Windicator. Mine is a switch cylinder(.22lr/.22mag) with a slab-side sleeved barrel (6") and combat grips, surprisingly accurate with both cylinders!
My all time favorite has to be my 6" 617 full lugged, and with the sweetest double-action pull ever. Very steady holding, points well, and there are an abundance of different custom grip styles to fit nearly any hand(mine wears Ajax laminated fingergrooves).
Take care,
Thanks for all the good suggestions. What I did was to buy an anniversary single six. I haven't shot it yet but it holds very nicely and is about a 7/8 scaled down version of the .357 Vaquero's that I have for cowboy shooting. It's a very "cute" gun.

What I'm going to do is buy a new S&W 647 in .17(when they start shipping). It will be the same size/weight as the current 617. The 617 has the sweetest action but I think was a bit heavy for long term carry which is why I opted for the single six. I had thought about a Taurus Tracker .17 but my regular dealer talked me out of it as he's seen too many of them come back for warranty repair work. He loves the S&W 617.

While I'd love to have a nice old K-22 or combat masterpiece I don't shop for used and don't know how to evaluate good from not-so-good. So new it is!

Thanks again to all,

Mark 2
obx22, I agree with you on the 617, but I have the 4" version. I'd love to have the 6-incher also, but, alas, reality (family, possible career change) intrudes upon my gun buying. Maybe someday, maybe not. Anyway, I have what has to be one of the best current-production DA rimfire revolvers made, and I enjoy the heck out of it.

Yesterday, at the range, I reconfirmed that belief by firing 467 rounds out of my 617. I only meant to shoot about 150 rounds, but it was so fun and I was actually shooting well (surprised me!), so I decided to finish up the slightly-used brick I brought with me. When my right hand tired of shooting, I practiced with my left hand (I wasn't half bad).

The main reason I'd like to get a 6" 617 is I like the way my Python hangs out there with its 6" barrel. It's really steady.
Has anyone ever though of drilling off the full lug?
Never thought of it, but I suppose a well-equipped gunsmith could mill it off. Would take a bit of skill to blend the edges nicely and get the finish to match but shouldn't be too hard.

I really like my 617. Trigger was much better than the Taurus or Rossi I compared it to.
I'd imagine the 617 would be the most accurate at any range for one reason only: Whether you were firing the same frame in 17HMR or 22Mag, you still are limited to the available ammo selection. 17HMR has what, 3 different types available, I'm guessing uhh, 'bout 15 for the 22Mag, and and uncountable number of 22lr available for finding the guns "pet" load.
If your paper punching, you'd most likely use a .22lr more, simply because its so economical to shoot.

As far as lug modification, how 'bouts hollowing it out with a threaded plug, then insert a spring and any number of lead weights, the spring would keep the weight forward so it would stay put during recoil, and you could alter the balance as you see fit?

I would have loved to try the shorter barrel, but since I hunt, and in N.C. we're limited to a minimum 6" barrel for rimfire, my decision was made for me :(
I also own the same gun in the 8-3/8" barrel with a 2X scope on a B-square mount, that combo has out grouped many rifles at 50 & 100yds.
Take care,
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