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Long Rifle Rimfire Wildcats...LOL Hey Cheif

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I love the smallest one--would be a great mouse rifle for the house or barn!! Looks like about an .12 caliber at 1500fps?
Actually, the smallest one is a 10 caliber, the next one up is the 12
Are these for real or just for fun? I'm wondering if someone is actuall making a bore that small!!!
Best I can tell, these are for real.
Which is why I posted the source post of the pictures


Bill has been doing the subcaliber thing for over 30 years. He's the only other person I knew of that wildcatted off of the 25ACP case (besides myself). Rumor has it that he's done some work with an 8 caliber round too...Talk about small bores.

For more abouot Bill...try this thread

Now they need to be Ackleyized.. :D
This is more than "interesting", Vibe. PLEASE don't excite me.

I bought my first .17 back in 1970 thinking I'd have a "collecter" with a low serial # , soon to be discontinued just because (even tho they shot a 25 gr. bullet at an astounding 4020 fps). it was still considered to be too "small" to serve a MEANINGFUL purpose!

WRONG, that gun's still shooting & well I might add, with no modifications. Collector value Questionable,SINCE THERE ARE MANY MORE NOW!

Now we have the .17HMR, setting a new "FORMAT" in rimfire ACCURACY, as well as VELOCITY!!!!!!!!!!!

Probably would be a Bitoch to build barrels & bullets for especially the 8 cal.

Meybe SKI will have something enlightening to share??

Regards, Calumet :rolleyes:
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As neat as those are....

I still think the original is best.

Long live the .22lr!!

Yeah they look real but so did ski's 17 alr:mad: :eek: :D
Chief says : qiute a lineup. Least we know that somewhere
they do exist. That is good .

thanks Vibe . your always on top of the wildcats.

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