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'Long range' .22LR ammo?

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What .22LR ammo works best BEYOND 100 yards when fired from a target rifle? TIA
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If by best you mean accurate then the same target ammo for close range....40grain bullet at 1050fps or so and then learn the wind reading from the grass and similar.......this is from reading other material and LIMITED longrange test of a couple of target type rifles in rimfire as pratice for similar centerfire gun......Lapua Midas L worked best in my guns but too expensive for much fun shooting.....again the drop wasn't much problem adjusting but the wind blows the bullet sideways very easy......One gun liked the CCI Green Tag almost as much as the Lapua.....HTH...good luck and good shooting!!
Shooting Aguila Sniper SS (Aguila SSS) fires a 60 grain bullet, and there are special barrels available to stabilize and utilize the larger bullet (compared to a 40), but keeping it subsonic, you're going to do some lobbing past 100 yards (6.5+ inches at least I would figure)... but if you adjust accordingly, and no wind...
I shoot long range .22 silhouette, 80 to 200 meters. The best ammo we have found is/was Federal 900, the regular, not 900B. Only problem is Federal was sold and I hear the quality went down, and that Federal is getting out of the target ammo line. For cheaper ammo several of the long range shooters use Federal Lightning, the cheap HV stuff with the unplated lead bullet. ALL of my rifles loved the Federal 900, sob! I'm searching for a replacement and am going to try the new Eley black box. The Federal 900 is a bit higher velocity than most target ammo, which helped accuracy and knock down at the longer ranges. Most shooters think of .22s as good for about 100 yards, max. The group I shoot silhouette with also shoots .22 Creedmore out to 310 yards. BTW, all of the matches I've mentioned are with iron sights. Good shooting!

A while back a few of us had a simple match going....How many shots out of 100 can you get in a 1" dot at 200yds? I managed to get 16 out of the hundred with the rest in a fairly tight group (8") at about 1 0-clock and about 2" high. These were CCI Minimags........so they are reasonably accurate at extended ranges. Fed Lightning 510 came in a close second and Dyna-points third. If your into long range plinking, any of the three will keep you reasonably happy. JL
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