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Lithgow LA101 Eley Showdown: Episode 1 Eley Tenex and Eley Match

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I am going to test 6 different versions of Eley ammunition with the Lithgow.

First up Eley Tenex and Eley Match.

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Love your videos , have a LH LA101 and I have found that at the start of the season with a clean barrel the grouping is somewhat loose , but after 1/2 a box of ammo it tightens up considerably. I can say that shooting Eley Tenex at 50yds with a front rest - though not as fancy as yours - 5 shot groups hovering around 3/8" are pretty normal.
Great video so far my LA 101 shoots best with eley black box followed closely by rws r50 haven’t tried tennex yet
Love the Lithgow, but mine seems to prefer Lapua Midas.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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