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Lithgow in plastic stock. chassis ?

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I captured a Lithgow LA-101 in the plastic stock. My goal when I purchased it as to find a chassis for it……so far I have not found one I can afford. Suggestions ?
All help is appreciated!
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I'd doubt you would find anything in the US to fit the LA101.

This is the only chassis I'm aware of but I don't think that the manufacturer would export.



Does the USA have a new Lithgow importer yet???
Firearm stocks/chassis are not a controlled product - no reason you couldn’t buy direct from southern cross small arms and have them post/courier it to you.
Mate - Most Australian shops won't export anything "gun related" overseas these days. Camerson Hatcher was prepared to export his stocks at one point. I once sold an Anschutz 1710 wood stock to a friend in Pennsylvania - Took me months to get the appropriate approvals from Border Force & Dept. of Defence:(

No harm in the OP contacting SCA if he wants a chassis bad enough - The exchange rate is certainly in his favour:bthumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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