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Lilja, Volquartsen, Shilen, WP, etc.-HELP

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I recently bought a 10/22....this is my second one...On my first Ruger, I did a trigger job, put on a Adams & Bennett barrel and a Fajen stock...bushnell scope....Now, I am addicted to this...I want to go a step above...but, before I fork out $$$$$, I was wondering if anyone can comment about barrels.

C.Z. :
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1 vote for lilja, also have a GM that is great
I have GM, VQ, & WP They all are fine products. Find one you like the looks of and send them the money!!
Honestly? Do a search. This exact topic has been done at least 3 times in the last week alone and 100's of times prior to that. I don't think that anyone can add anything that isn't already said in the latest 3 threads... lots of info there already!

Good luck with you choice
bwaaaaa haaaaa ha hah a ha... like you can choose just ONE... waaaaaa haaaaa ha ha ha ha
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