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Leupold scope

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Hey guys

What is the meaning/limitation of the term "Air Rifle" on the gold ring of the Leupold 6.5x - 20x40 EFR (AO)? Is this to be only used with Air Rifles? If used with 22 LR/Mag will it damage the scope?


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Couldn't haver said it better. Both posts above are 100% correct - it just takes both of them to get the whole story! You would think that an air rifle scope would be "bottom of the line" - not the case at all. A spring piston air rifle "hits" a scope in both directions - not just in recoil, and the "hit", although quite small in amplitude, is very sharp. Froghair is correct - if it is listed for an air rifle, your .45-70 won't hurt it. Also, air rifle scopes need to be adjustable for parallax down to "usual" air rifle target distances.
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