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Leupold power boost

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I have read posts about scopes that have had the power "boosted". Who does this service and is the scope as good as it was before as far as clarity, brightness, etc? Also, what kind of price tag are we talking about? I have a Leupold Vari-x-3 (6.5x20) and was looking to buy a 36x or so for bench shooting but if this is not terribly expensive I may try it instead. Thanks for any help with this!!
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Give Premier Reticles a ring and ask about the price. For some reason I have the number $160 in mind, but I've never had one done. I've also read that it's a better deal to buy the scope from them with the mods already done.

As far as quality, they have an excellent reputation and their work will not void the factory warranty.

I've seen other places recommended too, but I'm not awake yet and can't remember the names.


Premier Reticles, Ltd.

Dave M.,

Look here under "Premier Conversions":

Premier Reticles, Ltd.

Hope this helps....! ! :)
Premier's newest catalog shows $195.00 for a power boost from 6.5X-20X to 14.5X-35X OR to 18X-40X. If you decide to do it, you can also get a reticle change ( like, if you've always wanted that 1/8 moa dot ) for 1/2 price, IF you do both at the same time. Keep in mind, it adds about 1.25" to the scope length. Works great! Alternatively, you could sell your present Leupold ( they have great resale value ) and order a new, converted scope directly from Premier. They range from $694 to $895 ( last number is for the Big Boy, a 20X-50X, 30mm unit with target turrets. ) Good luck.
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