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Let's see your Kidd!

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Single Stage trigger, 16.5" ULW barrel, classic slip fit...Leupold 4x28.
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Sure glad I ran into my new friend Jon that shared his Kidd slip fit and super grade. Until I met him, I thought Kidd made fire extinguishers and smoke alarms! Snagged my Super Grade with 20" heavy barrel in the KRG Bravo. It has a 5/5oz 2 stage and today I ordered the 18" light weight barrel to reduce the weight. It has a nice Athlon 10-40 SFP scope 40oz w/rings for ammo testing but also like to use a Bushnell Engage 4-16 26oz w/rings for offhand. Feeling like I own two amazing rifles now that only takes a few screws to transform. Looking for a way to use the rear tang arrangement to go into a 2# Hogue stock. Does anyone have something at 2#'s ready to go? I do not want to have to change the tang for whatever I can change it into. 1/2023 update. The 18" barrel is exactly 1 1/2#'s lighter than the 20". Scored a super nice Burris 3-15 for offhand instead of the Engage. Not much lighter but love the reticle in it.

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