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Let's see your Kidd!

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Single Stage trigger, 16.5" ULW barrel, classic slip fit...Leupold 4x28.
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I tried some EPS tipped ammo in one of my Kidd ULW rifles, it had a lot of feeding problems. I'll stick with round nose or round nose hollow point.
I have last weekend started to get up to speed with a new Kidd SG with 20" barrel.

It will not feed Eley Contact or Force. To get it to chamber you have to push the bolt forward. The next cartridge will hang up. No issue with Eley Match or any other Brand (CCI/RWS/LupuaWolf/Aquilla) I tried.
Kidd SG 20" barrel, 2 stage (8/8) trigger.

Cam Engineering (me) custom stock

Athlon Argos 6-24

The rifle is def 1/2" at 50, I'm not

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edit Doesn't chamber Eley Contact or Force without having to push the bolt forward, from the marks on the lead seems the bullet is slightly larger then the chamber. Chambers Match and everything else I tried no problem. Need to change to the lightest recoil spring, what ever spring is in there couldn't be the light one.(should have specified that when I placed the order)
8/8 trigger is great, about as light as practical (imho)
Seems to be picky on magazines (Ruger oem) out of 3, 2 seemed to work well, third had consistant fliers
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