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Legality of Nordic stock on a Charger?

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I have a question about the Nordic stock and the Charger pistol.

I'd like to make a very small "tactical" plinker, without cutting down a barrel and going the SBR route.

If I buy a Charger (which is recorded on the 4473 as a "pistol", and then install it in the Nordic stock, will it be legal as long as I do not attach a butt stock to the Nordic kit?

I'm thinking that if I instead install a small sling swivel on the back of the Nordic stock, it would be good to go as a pistol, but what say you?
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Is this fear based on any legal precedence?

There is absolutely no difference between a Charger in a Nordic stock (no butt) and an AR-style pistol. None. If anything the Charger is even more in the clear because there is no buffer tube that could be misconstrued as a butt. These are all just paranoid fears with no basis in reality.
True, but the ATF folks are NOT gun nuts - they merely enforce the laws as written. They have potentially ferocious power and not a great deal of technical knowledge.

I would NEVER attempt this project without ensuring that the Nordic receiver was _permanently_ modified to not accept a stock - just screwing in a plug does not qualify. Screwing in and tack welding would - just like screwing on a flash suppressor on a too-short barrel and then welding in a couple of spots, or installing a pin in a blind hole.

Lots of guys flirt with the gray areas of firearms law - once in a while one gets nailed by the ATF and gets to spend some quality time behind bars in a Federal penitentiary - are you willing to take the risk, no matter how small? Not me!

If you want some excellent pointers on this subject, Pat Sweeney's AR-15 Gun Digest book (Vol 1) goes into detail and it's a little scary.


John Davies
Spokane WA
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