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Legality of Nordic stock on a Charger?

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I have a question about the Nordic stock and the Charger pistol.

I'd like to make a very small "tactical" plinker, without cutting down a barrel and going the SBR route.

If I buy a Charger (which is recorded on the 4473 as a "pistol", and then install it in the Nordic stock, will it be legal as long as I do not attach a butt stock to the Nordic kit?

I'm thinking that if I instead install a small sling swivel on the back of the Nordic stock, it would be good to go as a pistol, but what say you?
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I've seen what the Fed's can do....and I wouldn't get into the gray area with them.

I Stay on the Straight and Narrow. If for no other reason than, It'd sure be a hassle to have to get an attorney to bail me out of Fed. Prison, and then fight the charges.

I'm sure there's thousands of people out there who own illegal firearms, and who will never be caught. But I'm the type of guy who'd have a gun that wasn't illegal, but an ATF agent would "think it might be" and would throw me in Jail.

Lets just say it wouldn't be the first time a cop assumed something and threw me in jail.....was later released of all charges, but it sure was a PITA, and it cost me money....the cop lost nothing in the whole deal.
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