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Legality of Nordic stock on a Charger?

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I have a question about the Nordic stock and the Charger pistol.

I'd like to make a very small "tactical" plinker, without cutting down a barrel and going the SBR route.

If I buy a Charger (which is recorded on the 4473 as a "pistol", and then install it in the Nordic stock, will it be legal as long as I do not attach a butt stock to the Nordic kit?

I'm thinking that if I instead install a small sling swivel on the back of the Nordic stock, it would be good to go as a pistol, but what say you?
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It sounds OK to me, but what if you happened to own an AR-15 butt stock and BATF charged you with "contructive possession" of a short barreled rifle (a modern handgun with a sholder stock)? BATF isn't know for always being reasonable or having common sense. Technically it's up to them to prove that you intended to use the butt stock on that pistol's new receiver. In reality you could get convicted if you don't prove to a jury that you had no such intention.
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