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I thought about this one before. Unfortunatly we cant have chargers in the UK . However we can have a ruger 10/22 in a pistol stock as long as we use a 16" barrel and have an overall legnth of 24" so we need to fit a short pistol buffer tube to make it UK legal. However I spoke to a friend in texas and he told me that your rules on SBR and chargers are diffrent. Somthing about it being illegal if you had a charger in a Nordic or Evolution and had a spare AR stock in your home. Even if it was not fitted to your charger. Im sure that you could fit a pistol plug like the boys on the AR15 forum use on there pistol AR's.

Spikes tactical do them for about $20. I would blue loctite it in so there is no arguing that you intend to fit a stock

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