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Overhere, in the Netherlands, the law has no maximum limits for pistols and detachable stocks are allowed for them. A rifle has to be longer then 60 cm and the barrel of a rifle has to be longer then 30 cm. To me this posed a problem as, due to our maximum of five guns, I had no pistol anymore. Went to the local police department where they hand out the gun licenses and asked them to change my 10/22 from rifle to pistol. Took me 8 months and even going to the hotshot in gunlaw overhere but I got it done! I'm now officially the first person in the Netherlands who has changed a rifle to pistol on paper. This means I can make a pistol out of it (minimum barrel length is 2,5 inch).

Guess what I'm trying to say: overhere, we often are very jealous at you gun laws but if I read the above, in this case, I'm glad to live on this side of the pond ;)
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