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Lefthand Anschutz .22LR for Hunting

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I am thinking about replacing the custom 10/22 I am now using with a bolt rifle. I thought I wanted a 64 R in left hand but Champion Shooting tells me that it has only appeared in the catalogs but they have never received any. So what about the 1416 LD?? I would prefer something without sights but being left-handed, I guess I can't be choosey. How are the accuracy and the trigger (I've never even seen one)? Finally, who are the distributors for these rifles? Thanks (from a novice!) in advance.

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I own a left handed 1416.The sporter stock is very thin and handy with lots of drop at the comb.Accuracy with the factory barrel was so-so.Your experience may be different.I put a Douglas barrel on mine and accuracy is excellent.It is a nice little hunting rifle.Also,trigger pull can be reduced easily.Good luck.
Mike C.
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