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Left hand 64

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I have seen several "left handed" 54's that were actually right actioned but with left handed stocks. I have not seen a true left handed 64 however. Was wondering if anyone else has seen one.

The reason i'm asking is I recently aquired 2 64 bolt heads, ejector, and 2 bolt shrouds for a true left handed 64 action. Just wondering if there is an actual market for these parts out there. Or if they will just be a rare item of littel praticle use.

On a seperate note. For those of you with older, 60's 70's, Anschutz 54'2 what is the spacing of the holes on hte trigger to mount it to the action?

Thank you in advance.
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I do not think that a true left handed Savage-Anschutz Model 64 existed. In the current line up, however, you will find true left handed Model 64 actions in the 1903 Intermediate Rifle and the 64 MPR Rifle. Hope this helps.
The exemplar from the late 80's was built on a true left-hand 64 action, so right handed shooters didn't have to release their grip to work the bolt.

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