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Lee Shaver sight inserts

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I just got some front sight inserts for my BSA Martini rifles.The cost was 17.50 and the quality is outstanding.For anyone looking for inserts for the Parker Hale front sights check out Lee Shavers website.Now its time to take the Model 12 and Model 13 to the range to see which inserts I like best.Might even take the .17HMR along for fun.
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Sure thing Big Mike

the address is www.egunsmith.com
Cape Outfitters

Both mine came from Cape Outfitters.The Model 12 was a little rough,but not bad for a 70+ year old club gun.The Model 13 needed a little work on the action due to wear,but was easily fixed.Both guns shoot very well.The 13 still looks great,blueing good,markings sharp,wood in good shape.The 12 had some light freckles of rust,spotty blueing and faint markings.The bores were both in good shape.Both these guns are old,and probably had a lot of ammo put thru them.I want to get a Model 15 and a MkII for my collection next.John Appleton sells Martinis reblued,and with new wood as well as in original condition.If you're looking for something different,well made and fun to shoot,these guns fill the bill.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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