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I have used a Leica RF as well.A good friend of mine has one and it is top notch.But,I spent my money on one that works just like the Leica,same red dot for aiming and everything,and this one will give you the option to have it compensate for uphill and downhill shots up to 75 deg.Works awesome out of a deer stand,and I'm sure would be very valuable if you live in an area with a lot of hills.It doesn't sound like it would make a lot of difference but for an example:If I stand next to the trunk of the tree I hunt from and range something for 20 yds,then run my climber up to say 20 feet and range the same spot,I would have to shoot that spot for 18 yds.Now I realize this means nothing for a gun,but 2 yds can make a dif with a bow,and the farther you get out or the steeper the angle,the farther off you'll be.These are made by Opti-logic,they are based in Georgia I believe.Just somethin to think about.:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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