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Largest projectile you’ve fired?

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After three years of active duty I joined the Colorado National Guard. I was Air Defense Artillery and assigned to a M110 self propelled 8”howitzer unit they sent me back to Fort Bliss and had me train and qualify as a Redeye gunner which is pre stinger shoulder held missile. At summer camp at Fort Carson they had me deliver chow to the firing batteries in the field and I was mesmerized watching these big guns fire. On one a company safety officer asked me if I’d like to pull the lanyard on one and with a little training and nervousness I got to touch off an 8” projectile it was pretty darn exciting!
And little did I know that a few years down the road I’d start my 33 year career with Department of Energy and in the early 80s I was working on the W79 an 8” nuclear projectile for the M110 it was a nasty little nuke!👊🏻🇺🇸
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GSXR750 vs F150 never ends well. Guy made a left turn across my lane, traffic oncoming so I couldn't swerve. Stabbed the rear brake really hard and let go of the handles. My bike hit his right rear wheel and I didn't hit anything but pavement, a short flight time later. I didn't see the equation used, but the height and distance were calculated in the accident report based on speed, my weight, and where the first mark on the pavement from my helmet was. Eyewitness accounts stated I hit head first, so I didn't get any point deductions on the landing.

Short and fat projectiles are definitely not very aerodynamic.
So you are built like a pickle barrel with legs?
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