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Laminated stock improvements(?)

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I've got my laminated stock to play around with while I put a Fajen to use on the actual gun.

I'm sanding the fore-end support down to free float the barrel, and plan to bed things too. (Any other suggestions of mods for shooting performance would be appreciated)

But are there any suggestions for adding some "bling" to my laminated stock? Is there anything I can do (or have done for me) to improve upon the cosmetics of my factory stock?
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Kozmos.... and to add yet another on your other:

I kind of assumed that because our stock is laminated, it must already be sealed (or is it?). BUT, should I be sealing or treating the now sanded away surface area that I've created as a result of baring the once finished wood?

I have slowly been reaching the point of sensory overload with all the information and seemingly conflicted opinions/reports via RimfireCentral.com.....
* "Tupperware" (plastic) stocks flex via the heat of a warmed barrel
* synthetic stocks change shape when exposed to heat/cold
* wood stocks are susceptible to humidity
* bedding only works well on certain stocks
* bedding & barrels make no difference unless or until you're an EXPERT shooter

etc, Etc., ET CETERA !?!?!

In the meantime I can have fun with it, but I guess I should be out shooting some more rather than subscribing to the voodoo of expensive mods.
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