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Laminated stock improvements(?)

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I've got my laminated stock to play around with while I put a Fajen to use on the actual gun.

I'm sanding the fore-end support down to free float the barrel, and plan to bed things too. (Any other suggestions of mods for shooting performance would be appreciated)

But are there any suggestions for adding some "bling" to my laminated stock? Is there anything I can do (or have done for me) to improve upon the cosmetics of my factory stock?
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Well, here in sunny and humid Florida, a laminated stock is almost a requirement! And yes, you should seal the areas you sand just to be safe. On the matter of material expansion - everything will change its shape somewhat under certain conditions. The trick is to control as many variables as is possible. An aluminum barrel will change differently than a steel barrel, and a fluted is different than a solid which is different than a .920 which is different that a sporter taper. I try to keep the temperature and humidity as stable as possible. Shooting outdoors try to keep in the shade, that sort of thing.
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