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laminated problems

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question for ya's....

i've been dealing with richard's over the last 4 months to get a laminated stock. the first one i got back in december, the rosewood forend had a gaping crack in it upon delivery, and got sent back for replacement.

the next one, received early february, had a smaller crack at the end of the forend. upon talking to Richard's, we agreed that since i was going to cut the forend back at an angle anyhow, i could go ahead and try to cut the crack out, and if it reappeared, we could deal with it then.

i got a chance to work on it last week (break from college), and cut it back. after sanding it a little, the crack began to reappear, just a little. it doesn't appear to be too deep, but is noticeable.

so here comes the question part -

is this normal? the rosewood appears to be a really, really dense wood, and i don't think the crack would open up the length of the stock. any other thoughts?

secondly, if i approach the finish job with a "wet sanding" sort of method - sanding with oil to fill in pores/cracks, will this close up the crack so that it is unnoticable? the way it is now, it's a fairly pronounced mark in the end.

i have an agreement w/ Richard's that if the crack does open up further, i can either a) send the stock back for replacement or b) they will send me a chunk of rosewood and i can replace the forend myself.

any thoughts on how i can smooth the crack out? should i try re-doing the forend? should i just send it back? this makes 4 months for one stock, and it's getting kinda annoying, but Richard's is being very cooperative/helpful, and for the money i've paid, frankly, I expect quality.


(p.s., the whole stainless on electric blue with the 20" GM barrel looks real nice. should have some pictures to share within a couple weeks)
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If it's not too large, just fill it with Acraglas (unflocked) dyed to match the rosewood. Also, since rosewood is pretty oily, be sure to give the crack several treatments of acetone (or similar) to bring the oil out. You can apply with a small brush/Q-tip. Should evaporate rapidly. Apply until the crack no longer leaches oil (the wood will appear dry), then do the Acraglas - it will migrate into the crack (capillary action) sealing it. You may not even have to use the dye, and after you finsih the stock, the crack shouldn't be that noticeable. HTH & good luck,

fix what

If I was paying good money for a new stock and it showed up with a problem I would send it back.(bummer on the turn around though)

Why start out with something you will have to fix up to get it close to a like new condition and if it's not sealed completely any moisture could cause it to seperate more.
If I got a good deal on it I would just fix it up myself you will most likely be floating the barrel and it should only be a cosmetic blem that most likley won't affect accuracy.

Just my thought's
My .02:

If they gave you a break on the price... fix it.

If not, send it back.

If you want to fix it and save some cash... bargain w/ them.

Good luck whatever you do, and sorry to hear about the stock problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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