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LA101 too much trigger creep.

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Whats the best way to take care of too much trigger creep on these rifles?

The weight is perfect so I don’t think it needs a spring, but the 1/8” of travel has to be dealt with.
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I'm not too keen on posting trigger modification details on a public forum. However, I have a file containing information and pictures of the procedure - PM me with an email address if interested and I'll gladly forward it to you.
P.S. Just checked my logs - The LA101 with the trigger pictured above has fired 7,716 rounds since the modification. I have not had one FTF, Slam Fire or Bolt-Decock in that time.
Could you PM me the information on the trigger mod? so l could have it on file to help others down the line. l could do a drawing as l have done in the past and explain what to do. There is very little information out there on the trigger, l don't know the layout of the parts in that trigger which is why l have said much about the trigger.
I bought a spare trigger and did the trigger mods, all good. Will put the original trigger back in if I sell the rifle.
Done! 🙂
Could you please send me your trigger modification instructions, I have considerable creep in my 101. I have ordered a new spring to lighten the trigger, now need to get rid of creep.
email address [email protected]
Thank you very much
Done! 🙂
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