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Kimber service

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I just had my first problem with my SVT. When I ejected a fired round the next round would pop up at an extreme angle and would hit above the chamber. I emailed Kimber last night and explained the problem. I received a reply from them this morning asking for my address. They will be sending me a new magazine at no cost and believe that will correct the problem. That is fast and excellent service :t in my opinion.
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I have had great service from Kimber and that's one of the reasons I own a couple of 'em. The guys in the custom shop listen to you and actually understand what you're talkin' about! That's a feat in itself in this day and age! It's a quality product from quality people. It's good to hear they're still providing prompt service. Kimber's are the only rifle I've ever owned that I didn't feel needed mods to make it better--except for adjusting the trigger down to a pound, but I just had to turn some screws--wasn't painful:D
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