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kimber hunter/classic???

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I am thinking about buying a Kimber .22 LR but am unsure whether to go for the Hunter, or the Classic. seems that only the Hunter is routinely imported (am I wrong?). Apart from the grip cap, how do the different woods differ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The barreled action of the new Hunter is identical to the old Classic of a year or so ago. The wood on the Classic may be slightly better, but the wood on my Hunter surpasses some Classics that I have seen.
Kimber Hunter/Classic

Thank you all very much for your advice, although I'm still unsure why Kimber have changed the barrel contour on the Classic. I have the G & A 2003 annual and there is an article by Clair Rees. He's seen shooting an older Classic with the straight barrel contour. Also, in a recent 'RifleShooter' there is a Kimber ad. with pictures of both models. The Hunter's wood seems darker, which I prefer. I will probably end up getting the Hunter as it's cheaper. I see the Kimber (of N.Y.) as being the modern version of the old Mauser Mm 410b .22 LR, often seen as the finest .22 rimfire ever made. Anyway, guys, thanks once again and happy shooting!

Any other views/opinions would be more than welcome...!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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