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Kimber 82 B

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Finally have seen B, in fact I bought it. Bolt looks like a C, shroud has a hump in it, handle is swept back. No grooves on the top of the receiver, has Kimber bases installed. However, there is no B with the serial#. Model is a Deluxe. Really nice wood, fine checkering like Super America except it doesn't go around the forearm, Niedner butt plate, ebony tip, inlet swivel posts. Looks like a pretty nice gun.
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I went thru the same learning process before I found and bought a "B" superamerica.
So now I have an "A" with the dished bolt handle, another "A" I guess, with a early style shroud and straight bolt handle with no "dish" and now Im ready I guess for a "C". I think I like the "B" style the best if I had to keep just one.
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