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:mad: Have a Kimber 17 Mach 2 pistol that is a PIA. Took it our for the first time and it would fire, fail to eject, rack back the empty, fire/eject ok for several rounds, then repeat the latter. Would also stove pipe and at one
time had two rounds come up from the clip and jammed needless to say.
Called Kimber who thought it might be a hammer spring, replaced it and still
have the same problem. Used CCI initially & then to Hornady. Same problem
so sent it back to Kimber today for repair or whatever replacement of parts
to make it functional. Surely a royal PIA to pay high dollar for a pistol that
doesn't function. Have ran aprox 100 rounds thru it & same problem. Has also been lubed per instructions. Anyone else have a similar problem with their Kimber?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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