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ftstinyc is right...

I've also shot better groups at lower magnification at times for some unkown reason. I still think higher magnification SHOULD help. Just depends on the set up, your abilities, ammo and luck of the wind.

I really enjoy CCI ammo despite being tight in the chamber its always under an inch at 50 and usually between .6"-.7". At 100 it shoots acceptable keeping most shots within 2.0". I can usually put most shots within 1.5" at 100.

CCI definitely isn't the most accurate at 50 yards though. SKJagd (cheapest), Federal Gold Medal (the cheapest), shoot the best target groups. The Federal will shoot ten shots within .5" at 50 yards with the scope set on 9 power.

The MSR likes Wolf MT and Lapua. It hates CCI and Federal. The MSR has put 10 shots in under .4" at 50 yards and has at least four-five shot groups at 100 around .5". It has an 18 power Leupold.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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