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Just sighted in my 1416 D KL and Rem. 581

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............and believe it or not, my Remington 581 actually shot better groups with all 3 types of ammo I tried today. I had just recently had the trigger pull brought down to about 3.75 lbs on my 581, and it's much better than it used to be, but still, no match for the light, crisp 2 lbs pull of the 1416 D KL. My 581 was wearing a Burris 3X9 scope with burris rings. I paid about $200 new for it about a year ago, and it has NO adjustment for parallax, but I have had NO problems with parallax whatsoever.

The Annie was wearing a 4X12 Swift Premier scope with Leupold mounts, and adjustable objective also.

I would have thought the Annie would have beaten my 581, but it did not. Having said that, I ONLY TRIED 3 different types of ammo today as my time and money resources were really limited. I shot CCI Sub-Sonic, CCI Standard Velocity and Eley Target Rifle. The Eley was nothing that special in my guns, being no better than the CCI. The real surprise was the very consistent groups of the CCI Sub-Sonic loads. Very nice!

I sincerely think that my Annie will shoot MUCH better than I did with her today, and it seemed to me that the Burris scope on my Remington 581, was just plain more consistent, even with it's lesser magnification. OBVIOUSLY, I fully intend on shooting many, many more types and brands of ammo out of the Annie to see what she can really do, and I may even switch scopes on it as well. The trigger on the Annie is just superb, and the overall quality is top-notch in every way, so I am NOT complaining about it at all. I will say this too, about the 1416.......Once I did get her dialed in to hit in the bullseye, she absolutely seemed to be very consistent in her point of impact, considering the 3 brands tested. All 3 brands were dead-on in the bulls-eye, and shot about 1 inch groups. I see what the earlier posters were saying about the "extractor" behavior, and mine was no different. No spring-loaded ejection here, on the Annie, and some shells did eject to the left as well as to the right. Kind of frustrating, but not all that big of a deal to me, honestly.

As mentioned, my 581 did shoot all 3 types of ammo tested today better, and some were really good, at about 1/2 inch groups. Like I said though, I think the scope may have a lot to do with it, and the Annie "deserves" much, much more ammo brand testing at this point, before drawing any conclusions whatsoever.

Overall, I am still VERY happy with the Anschutz, and please bear in mind that I have very bad vision as well, and although I was shooting at a rifle range at 50 yards measured, the "rest" was primarily with sandbags on the front forearm, but nothing rock solid on the stock at the rear. A more "solid" rest and better shooter with better eyesight than me would absolutely shrink those groups I shot today, quite dramatically. I have no doubts about that at all. I just wanted to get the two rifles "zeroed" in the bull at 50 yards today, so I could begin to use them both for more practical shooting, hunting and plinking purposes. The more "serious" endeavors of finding its favorite ammo-type and best scope combo can come a little later.

I did find it somewhat amusing that my $130 Remington 581 was actually delivering better groups than my Annie with a non-objective adjustable scope with lesser power magnification. Just one of those things in life, I guess. Sometimes it does give us some surprises. If anyone is reading this and thinking they should decide against the 1416 D based on this one time at the range, I would seriously advise against that conclusion. The 581 shot real well today with these brands, and somewhat better than the Annie, but that certainly does NOT mean that the Annie won't shoot much better, after testing various ammo and possible scope changes, etc. I LOVE my Anschutz, and I love the fact that there are no "short-cuts" in it's build quality. It has a great trigger, great fit, great balance, superb iron sights, and nice, cut checkering, and a steel magazine. Fit and finishing is flawless. I'm keeping mine!
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Even though I have a 18 power on my Annie I shoot better at about 10 power.
I shoot at 1/2 dots and I feel I have less movement on the lower power and
that I can pinpoint the dot better. Try shooting your Annie at the same power
as your Rem. I know that this must sound crazy. I have shot on 18 power and
my groups have opened up. It must take practice. On 18 power I can see
every little movement.

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ftstinyc is right...

I've also shot better groups at lower magnification at times for some unkown reason. I still think higher magnification SHOULD help. Just depends on the set up, your abilities, ammo and luck of the wind.

I really enjoy CCI ammo despite being tight in the chamber its always under an inch at 50 and usually between .6"-.7". At 100 it shoots acceptable keeping most shots within 2.0". I can usually put most shots within 1.5" at 100.

CCI definitely isn't the most accurate at 50 yards though. SKJagd (cheapest), Federal Gold Medal (the cheapest), shoot the best target groups. The Federal will shoot ten shots within .5" at 50 yards with the scope set on 9 power.

The MSR likes Wolf MT and Lapua. It hates CCI and Federal. The MSR has put 10 shots in under .4" at 50 yards and has at least four-five shot groups at 100 around .5". It has an 18 power Leupold.
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