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Just how good,

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are the Clearidge Ultra RM scopes for hunting Squirrels???? I have tried to put my Leupold 2 - 7 X 33 var -X II to good use by having the parallax changed and it it is dead on but I have trouble with the old peepers not seeing so well. I believe that I need the AO feature to be able to focus in on the little buggers. I have other scopes with this feature, and I was just very curious to see if anyone uses the Clearidge and how they like it. I have looked up just about all I can about them but still kinda like to hear what ya'll have to say about them Good or Bad......

Thanks unc....
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IF the game you're wanting to kill is THAT close, turn the magnification down some. I have used the Leupold 2.5-8x and 2-7x scopes for many years, along with several 3-9x Leupold and Burris scopes, with little problem. Sure if you turn the magnification all the way up, the image will be somewhat out of focus at short ranges. I can take my rifle with the Leupold 2-7x 33mm scope at 4x and see fine at 25 yards. If targets were inside of that distance, I'd dial 'er on down to 2x.

Some folks love high magnification. I've never cared for it on a hunting rifle. I tried a 6-18x on a squirrel rifle once upon a time, and hated it enough that it was removed right quicklike and replaced with a lower powered variable. Last squirrel season was done with my Kimber Hunter with the 2-7x 33 Leupold, but the season before that I used the older Kimber 82 which is topped by a Burris 3-9x. I intentionally set the Burris scope at four power and taped the power ring where I wouldn't be tempted to move it, and hunted the entire season with a 4x scope. I found out from the little experiment that I could live with a 4x fixed power scope if I so chose. The only reason that I bought the 2-7x33mm variable to go on the Hunter Kimber was because it was about $75 cheaper than the FXII 4x33mm.

Now if the rifle's primary use were going to be target shooting instead of hunting, that would change things considerably. I shot the email matches here on RFC for a while, using a 2.5-8x scope. Fine at 25 yards, but not quite enough to shoot really good scores on the USBR target at 50 yards, although it CAN be done, as the official sporter class competitions often limit magnification to 6x tops. For 100 yards and beyond, I'd like a 4-12x or 4-16x scope. If I were shooting a .17HMR or even a .22 WMR, a good medium high magnification variable would be a good choice to me. My own opinion, not necessary on a .22 long rifle hunting firearm.
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