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You are going to have the sdame problem no matter what scope you use. Higher powers at close ranges will always be more blurry. Maybe what you need is a good fixed 6X Leupold sent back and have the parallax set at 40 yards. I sight my squirrel rifles in at 40 yards, because I rarely shoot past 60 on one, and most are under 30 yards. Setting one at 50 yards would be worse when it comes to things being blurry at close ranges. Just a thought you might want to consider.
i agree with the fixed 6x , gizzy ! i got a burris fullfield2 in 6x [std. duplex]when they 1st came out , & had burris re-set the parallax for 50 yds. it's been the nicest scope i've owned ! right now , it's setting on my pretty savage mk.2 classic in .22lr , but i've also noticed closer targets being blurry . at the range , you can take the time to re-focus ; not always practical in the field !! dang that aging stuff !!
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