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Just got my OM Single Six

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Serial # 326xxx

I have dated it to 1961. They guy said it was a 1964, but that is because he said that is when he bought it new. So that is nice for me because the older the better IMO. Even my P90 was 3 years old when I bought it new. :D :D :D :D

It has some definate holster wear on the blue-ing, but its hard to see in the pics from the light reflections.

As for a question I have...

I understand the cylinders should have the last three numbers on them. Well, the LR cylinder does, but the magnum doesn't. :confused:

I got the orginal grips too, but I just haven't put them on. I know some people might think these aluminum grips are ugly, but the pictures don't do them justice. They really have the 'bad guy' mistique to them. The guy who sold it said he made them in a shop he worked at and even made the Ruger stamp. He told me the only problem is that out here in the Arizona sun they can get a bit hot if you have it holstered for a while. Seat belt syndrome.

Any how, I paid $275, which might seem like a bit much in some peoples opinion...including mine...but I really likes the old guy selling it and since he says he was the original owner, that goes along way with me.

And now for the pics...

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I wouldn't stress that price

the grips look good. I love wood but a change is nice. I may have to pick up a new wheel gun.
I like those grips man. Something different, you know. You can say that they are limited edition, one of a kind! :t
Looks like a very nice Ruger to me. If the price suits you that's all that matters. My records show a 1961 date also. I have two OM Blackhawks in .357, I really enjoy them. I hope someday to get a OM Single Six to go along with them. Grips are very unique....., I live in Arizona also.

I found on another website that this is a very early serial number for convertables.

Apparantly Ruger started experimenting with convertables around #319xx in 1961. Not all following numbers are convertables, so I need to call Ruger because there is the possibilty this is one of the 'lets see if this convertable idea flies' models. :D :Blasting_

To bad the guy sold the box last year. :(

I put the original grips on and even though the aluminum are cool in their own way, they just can't touch the original walnut. Plus the grain is very figured and prominent.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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