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June 50Y Unlimited Results

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247 4X, Don Heavlin, Settlers Bay, AK
Custom, Hall action, Benchmark 3 groove reverse, Edge stock, Fudd Tuner, Leupold 45X, Eley Club Extra
Partly Cloudy, 55 Degrees, 2-4 mph winds, Scored by Don Heavlin

246 7x Rudy Giarrocco Newtown Sq. PA [ Rudy G ]
Stock Annie 1413 - Blk Box - T36
Caldwell & Protector rest

245 5X, Michael Milholin, Anchorage, AK
Original Balard, Eric Johnson 5-Star Barrell, Fecker 20X stock, Fed UM!
Partly cloudy 51 Degrees, Calm, Scored by Dick Center

244 8X, Dick Center, Eagle River, AK
Custom Turbo (AKA Strawberry Shortcake), Weaver T36, Eley Match EPS
McMillan Stock, Lilja Barrel, Jewell Trigger, Hoehn Tuner, Heinrich Type Device.
One-Piece Rest
Partly cloudy 51 Degrees, Calm, Scored by Dick Center

244/8X Stan Gibbs Kingsland, TX (Claybuster)
Tirrell 54 Custom - Sightron 36X - SK "Std +" ammo
Anschutz 54 "Super Match" action & barrel - Dbl set 1 oz trigger
Barrel sleeve pillar bedded, barrel & action floated - Fudd tuner
Decent conditions this morn....(scored by Jim Pollard)

243-4x Dave Lahti Sugar Island, Michigan
Suhl 150 Action Weaver T-36 Wolf Match Target
Lilja barrel. McMillan stock. Fudd front rest
Smithed by Butch Hongisto.

242 6X Bernie Porten, Auburn, NY (autoloader)
CMP 40X standard barrel, T-36 . Modified factory stock
Jewell , SKSP, cloudy 70deg, wind 2-4 o'clock 2-8 mph

242 2x Clint Boner
1972 Anschutz 1407 Factory With 3 Inch Plate On Forearm
Japan Made 24x Tasco TS Neutralizer Stabilizer Used For Tuner
Lapua Master M Flags Calm To Light

242-3x Richard Storms, Deadwood, SD (deadwooddick)
Sako [(P94S)] (type display defect w/ the UC "P" ) so lets call it a FINNFIRE, T36X, SK Std+
Farley top, Rock base w/ Protektor rear

241-5X Bill McIntyre, Broomall PA [Billmc]
Time custom, Hoehn Tuner, Leupold 45x
Eley Black box, Loh Front, Protektor Rear.

240 6x Tim Allen (Banjo)
1972 Anschutz 1407 Factory With 3 Inch Plate On Forearm
Japan Made 24x Tasco TS Neutralizer Stabilizer Used For Tuner
Lapua Master M Flags-Yes
Wind-Calm To Light Switchy

240-4x William Crane, Glenolden, Pennsylvania (armabill)
Hall action, Lilja barrel with Hoehn tuner, Leupold 36 BR-D,
Eley Match EPS,
Bruno McMillan Edge stock, Jewell trigger,
FuddHam top rest, Caldwell Benchrest bottom
Edgewood rear bag

239-9x Mike Maffucci Washougal WA (cheatermk3)
Anschutz 54 Tasco world class Eley Club EPS sorted by weight.
Stock customized to BR configuration by a previous owner.

239-6x Joe Haller. Sault Ste. Marie. Michigan (Mr. Frosty)
Suhl 150. Weaver T-36. Eley Black Box.
Blue McMillan Stock. Factory Barrel & trigger.
Cowan front rest.

239-4x Leo Hedger. Barbeau, Michigan
Finnish Valmet. Weaver T-36. Eley Match EPS.
Factory Barrel. McMillan stock. Jewell trigger. Fudd front rest.
Smithed by Butch Hongisto.

237 7X Bill Horn (Orion2see)
Turbo/Benchmark, T-36 . Eley EBS
Jewell , cloudy 70deg, wind 3 o'clock 5-10 mph

237-6x Bud Lawry Camas WA
Win 52-C Shilen barrel Tasco world class scope Lapua Polar-B sorted for weight and rim thickness.

237-6x Bill Jones. Cedarville, Michigan
Anschutz 2013. Weaver 36X. Eley Black Box.
Broughton barrel. McMillan stock: Glued in. Fudd Rest
Smithed by Butch Honginsto.

237-5x Matt Korhonen [ MattK ] Australia
Sako P94 , BR stock ,Walther Barrel, Jewell trigger . T36 , Sk Bulk ...
I dropped 4 points when I let off a dud , and this lot of ammo is not the best .

236 5x Bud Feindt Brookhaven PA [BudF]
Hongisto - 54 - Lilja - UM1 - T45
Hoehn - McMil - Hart & Edgewood
236- 3 x Earl Dunning, Arlington, Texas (theearlof)
Rem 40XB, modified factory stock
SK Std +
Weaver T36, Jewel trigger, Cowan rest
wind 5 mph

236 1X, John Pribbenow, Anchorage, AK
Rem 40X with Krieger barrel, jewel trigger, Home made custom all aluminum stock, Leuplod 36X, Lapua Master
John's rifle doesn't seem to like the Lapua as much as it does the Eley!
Partly cloudy 51 Degrees, Calm, Scored by Dick Center

230 , 0X Ken Dovel (claketyclak)
BRD 36X scope , Eley Match 03325-1053
Suhl , douglas barrel , Hoehn Tuner
Fudd front rest , Protector bunny rear bag

223 , 3X
6X M8 premier recticle 1/8" dot , Lapua Multi Match
Ruger 77/22 , Walther barrel , Rifle basix trigger , original stock , action bedded , barrel floated
Fudd front rest , protector rear bunny bag

220-3x Don Wenglikowski. Barbeau, Michigan
Sako 94S Action. B&L 36X. Eley Black Box.
Lilja barrel. McMillan stock. Fudd front rest.
Smithed by Tim McWhorter

220 2X, Jack Banbury, Anchorage, AK
Anschuetz 1907 Factory Position Stock, Leupold 36X, La
Partly cloudy 51 Degrees, Calm, Scored by Dick Center

219 , 3X
6.5-20 EFR set on 20X , Eley Match 02311- 1050
Winchester 52B Benchmark reverse taper two groove , no tuner , original trigger tuned
Fudd front rest , Protector rear bunny bag

211-2x Reg Richardson. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
CMP Remington 40X. Weaver T-36. Wolf Match Target.
Wood Rem. BR stock. Shilen 2 oz. trigger. Fudd front rest.
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Heck Ben, seems the best thing I can do for Team Alaska is to stay out of their way :hide:
That darn Michael Milholin sure can shoot some good scores with that Balard of his. This is a falling block lever rifle with a really narrow fore-end. As a mater of fact he rests the barrel on the front rest. So he needs to do a lot of repositioning after each shot!
I just hope I don't mess things up by shooting in July :rolleyes:
I second the notion that there sure are many great scores here and a great participation as well.
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