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June 50Y State & Regional Results

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All, In order to get full 4 person teams, I mixed and matched some of the regions to get maximum participation. If you did not list a state in you score posting, you are not in this bulletin.

1st Alaska
247 4X, Don Heavlin, Settlers Bay, AK
245 5X, Michael Milholin, Anchorage, AK
244 8X, Dick Center, Eagle River, AK
236 1X, John Pribbenow, Anchorage, AK

2nd Pensylvania
246 7x Rudy Giarrocco Newtown Sq. PA [ Rudy G ]
241-5X Bill McIntyre, Broomall PA [Billmc]
240-4x William Crane, Glenolden, Pennsylvania (armabill)
236 5x Bud Feindt Brookhaven PA [BudF]

3rd Michigan A Squad
243-4x Dave Lahti Sugar Island, Michigan
239-6x Joe Haller. Sault Ste. Marie. Michigan (Mr. Frosty)
239-4x Leo Hedger. Barbeau, Michigan
237-6x Bill Jones. Cedarville, Michigan

4th Central Region A Squad
244/8X Stan Gibbs Kingsland, TX (Claybuster)
242-3x Richard Storms, Deadwood, SD (deadwooddick)
232-3X Bret Neuenschwander. Northfield, Mn (Midwest Swiss)
227 - 0x Earl Dunning, Arlington, Texas (theearlof)

5th Western Region
239-9x Mike Maffucci Washougal WA (cheatermk3)
237-6x Bud Lawry Camas WA
220 2X, Jack Banbury, Anchorage, AK
237-5x Matt Korhonen [ MattK ] Australia

6th Michigan B Squad
232-6x Chuck Millhouse. Kinross, Michigan
227-1x Marilyn Kester. Barbeau, Michigan
225-2x Jim Kester. Barbeau, Michigan
223-3X Jason Gitre. Lapeer, MI (Chum

7th Northeastern Region
242 6X Bernie Porten, Auburn, NY (autoloader)
235 5x Don Kaighn Morton, PA [Don K]
223-1x Bill Moors. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
206 - 1X Tony Migliaccio (Tony Mig) Somers Pt. NJ

8th Southeastern Region
242 2x Clint Boner NC
240 6x Tim Allen (Banjo) NC
211-2x Reg Richardson. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
191-1X Charles (Duffy) Poindexter. Florence, SC (aprayinbear)

9th Central Region B Squad
221-0X Wallace Whitlow Central AR. (Deadi)
217-0X Rick Heffron Emporia Kansas (RAH)
220-3x Don Wenglikowski. Barbeau, Michigan
173-0x Steve Schultz TX
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Thirtysix shooters!!! Pretty darn good turn out.
Don't worry about Alaska Bud. One way or another I'm going to shoot some USBR targets this month. And that should bring down the AK scores:rolleyes:
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