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June's results for the Sporter Rifle Match @ 25 yards:

25 yard Sporter

250-10x Danny Creasy. Florence, Alabama (Sheffieldshootr)
Remington 541T, Swift 6-18X44 ,Wolf Match Target
Mid 80s and almost no wind - Shooting at 4:30 PM - At my range that means you have the sun in your face. Oh well, I need the Vitamin D. Scored by Johnny Watson.

244-3x Danny Creasy. Florence, Alabama (Sheffieldshootr)
CZ 452 American, Swift 6-18X44 ,Wolf Match Target
(Box Stock) - Self Scored

237-5x Fred Gregg. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Savage Mk II, BSA 4x ,Wolf Match Extra

233-2x Larry Shearer. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Russian TOTA, BSA 8-32x ,Wolf Match Extra

230-0x Roy Crecelius. Florissant, Missouri (mountainman2)
Savage Mark ll LV 22lr, Swift 4-12x40 AO ,Wolf Match Target
self scored. only shot 1 target this due month to scope ring problems

229-3x Wade Martin. Oroville, Washington (bass singer)
Izhmash Biathlon 7-2-KO, Simmons ATV 4.5-14AO ,CCI Blazer
(BONE STOCK) self scored. I can't believe I shot a better score with the Blazer than the Aguila SE.

200-1x Chuck Langenderfer. Lewiston, Michigan
Mossberg 346B, Peep Sights ,Dyna Point

199-1x Wade Martin. Oroville, Washington (bass singer)
Browning T-2, Weaver Marksman 4x ,PMC Sidewinder
(BOX STOCK) What a difference four more inches of barrel makes.

177-0x Wade Martin. Oroville, Washington (bass singer)
Marlin 39A, Swift 1.5-4.5 ,PMC Sidewinder
(BOX STOCK) Hot to mild then back to hot. Almost no wind for once.
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