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June 25-Shot Group Shoot Results

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Howdy All,
Here is what I have for the June 25-Shot Group Shoot. I think the consensus is that it is pretty hard to keep that group small fort all 25 shots. For me I think it was much harder to maintain my concentration. Never-the-less, we had 16 intrepid shooters send in 18 targets.
At 25 yards there were 12 shooters and targets. One of them there Yooper dudes (Yooper Bill) took the top place with a 0.175" group. Marty Conry came next with a 0.205" group.
AT 50 yards we had claybuster and Marty pretty much head to head at 0.335" and 0.336". Bet if I went back and remeasured they might even change places!!!!
Ben looks like he is getting his Rem 40X figured out and turned in a sub-MOA group. I was really glad to see ol' MattK joining back into the fray.
Please check this over and let me know of any mistakes or omissions. In a couple of case I didn't have the full info on a given shooter.
Take and have fun

(edited to add: Brian Headlee's group actually belongs in the 50yd category)

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Congrats, Stan. And Marty, you too (just a thousandth less:)). Those are some fine groups. Boy, I really wish SK SSHP I have would shoot well from this barrel, the price is surely right and iot did well from the factory barrel.

Thanks for putting this on, Jim.

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Was fun , but forgot to use that diff point of aim to poi trick [ or style ] ..
And got a little lazy with the last 10 rounds for some reason aswell .. :p

It was for fun though , :D

ill try and take the 5x5 more seriously :1t


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When I got in from work this evening, a Champion Shooters box was waiting for me. Inside was a golden brick of SK SSHP. Trying to keep expectations down but you know how it is when you have untried ammo. Can't wait for Saturday. Lot #22138/141. Anybody familiar with this lot?
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