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July 50 Yard OPEN IRON SIGHT Class (Post scores here)

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Rules are the same as the scope sight Factory Sporter Class..
But: With OPEN iron sights (No peep receiver or globe front sights allowed)
Match starts on June 1 and ends on June 30.
The Official NRA A-23/5. If you can't get them locally, you can get them here:
American Target Co E-mail: [email protected] - Phone: 303-733-0433
Same place we get the USBR targets.
1. All rifles will be shot at 50 yards with "Open Iron Sights". Peep rear and aperture front sights are not allowed. A hood over a post or bead front sight is allowed.

2. You may shoot up to 4 targets each month with the same rifle. Post your best score here in this thread. If you use a second rifle you may shoot 4 more targets with the second rifle.

3. Other rules regarding type of equipment (rests, ammunition, trigger, bags, etc.) will be the same as the FACTORY SPORTER CLASS. Go here for those rules:

4. Targets will be scored leading edge. If the leading edge of the scoring gauge touches a scoring ring, it receives the higher value. (See scoring graphic below) The standard NRA scoring gauges should be used; .22 caliber for all .22 caliber rifles, and .17 caliber for .17 caiber Magnums.

5. Post scores at the bottom of this thread. Results should identify the rifle shot, the type or brand of sights, the caliber/type of rifle, any modifications to the rifle other than simply bedding or tuning the trigger, the brand of ammo used, if the target was shot indoors or out, appropriate comments on weather conditions, and the range at which the target was shot.

6. The official monthly match dates will be from the 1st to the last day of the month. Please try to get your scores posted by the first day of the following month. An official score bulletin will be posted on the 4th or 5th of the following month. This match period starts Juen 1 and ends June 30, 2008.

Here is a working link to the NRA site for ordering the scoring gauge and clear plastic scoring aid.
When you get to that page: Click on "Scoring Aids" in the second column.
Order CT 17230 and CT 17180.
Enter your score and equipment information at the bottom of this thread, in this format:
Score Name. Town. State. (Screen Name)
Rifle Make. Make of iron sights. Ammo used.
Other lines: Any other information you want to tell us about your equipment, weather, excuses, etc.
199-13x John Witham. Whitehorse, Yukon (Greyjay)
BSA Model 12/15. BSA No. 8 rear tang. Parker Hale 2 front. Eley Target Yellow.
Hoppes front rest. Bunny ear rear bag.
50-3x, 49-3x, 50-3x, 50-4x
Sunny, 38F, 10-15 mph steady following breeze.
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182-3x. Matt Pelkki, Monticello, Arkansas (timberbeast63)
CZ 452 Ultra Lux, factory sights, Aguila SuperExtra
Caldwell Rock front rest, bunny rear bag
47-2x, 44-1x, 45-1x, 46-0X
Sunny, 94F, no wind, but high velocity ammo not the best choice.

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I just took the peep sight off my CZ Trainer, and put the stock open rear sight back on so I can continue my run with this match.....;)
If everything goes as planned, I'll post a score Sunday evening.....

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190/3x Tony Migliaccio (Tony Mig) Somers Point, NJ
CZ 452-2E-ZKM Special Trainer ~ Stock Iron Sights
Aquila Golden Eagle ~ Caldwell Rock DeLux & rear bag
1 = 48 / 1x
2 = 47
3 = 47 / 1x
4 = 48 / 1x

Sunny, hot & humid with variable winds @ 3 to 5 mph

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Shakey....glad to see you shoot in this match, but you weren't supposed to beat me........:whistle: :D

Oh well, I had a good....(uncontested).... 2 month run, now I'll have to pick up the pace.....;)
Hi Tony,
That wasn't my score, but one of my match shooters. He does pretty good!
Shooting Open Irons is pretty tough for my old eyes, but I've got a couple vintage Peep and Globe rifles about ready to go, hope to get time and temps that will permit in August..

See ya,
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