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Joined the CZ 452 fan club

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Here is a pic of the .17 HM2 I got from Steal Shotter. I added a Nikon Buckmark 3x9 and Millet high rings.

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Welcome to the club, bring your wallet & credit cards. :D

Bet you can't stop at one CZ. :Welcome:

Rod. :)
Nice rifle, I have one of those also! If it shoots anywhere near as good as mine does, you'll have a winner for sure. :t

Congratulations on a sweet looking rifle. I agree with the others when they say "Bet you won't stop with just one", I am currently up to 3 CZ rifles and already dreaming of another one. I want to get a 22 LR model 452 American to complete my trio of rimfires. I just got a model 527 in 22 Hornet that I have not had a chance to take to the range yet. These are just a great shooting rifles and very well made.

Happy shooting.


Nice set up. Let us know how it shoots. I especially like the way the clip doesn't stick down like my 452 17HMR. Welcome to the CZ family.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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