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JGA Zella 22

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Hi I picked this up at the the gun show real cheap. The stock is pretty rough and painted black. The metal appears to be cold blued but that's ok. Going to refresh it for a neighbor's boy. Question is that I can find nothing really on this rifle. It has no serial number that I can find so I guess it would be hard to date it. Any help with info would be appreciated Thank you
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any standard .22 l.r. round will do well in the gun, high velocity ammo will be less accurate but I am not aware of any problems that high velocity ammo caused to a Flobert rifle. The only drawback is that they have a very simple trigger that is great for plinking but not good for absolute precision.
Reminds me of an Anschutz my FIL had.
He "got it" for a case of beer.
Had been used on a fish boat for shooting big spring salmon before they were lost trying to land them.
It appeared to have been immersed in salt water on more than one occasion.
There was lots of rust and had been painted black to hide the defects.
The firing pin was a blade and had been chewed away over time and occasionally FTF.
It could be rotated 180 degrees but that side of the pin was sharp and would pierce the rim.
It was deemed to be too unsafe to remain active and found its way into the burn barrel.
That is a good story. Mine is actually gonna be ok once it is cleaned up i think other than missing the extrsctor. Would love to find one but think i may have t o figure out how to fabricate one
Would the missing extractor not leave a chunk of the cartridge case totally unsupported, just where the powder will sit? I'm not sure I'd want to fire it without the extractor.
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You are 100% correct on that onr
If it says 54 on the side of the barrel which ammo should I use?
That's not 54, it's 5,4mm. It's the bore diameter in millimetres, so 0.22in to English-speakers. That's no help in knowing whether it's chambered for Short, Long, or Long Rifle. If it's 0.22LR, I'd use the cheapest standard velocity ammo that will chamber. It's not a target rifle, so match ammo would be a waste.
B U G proofed so pre 1940...nice old school classic
BU and G, rather than BUG. These are the proof marks on your rifle. B and U show it passed proof, and G indicates a rifled barrel.
Tom, your JGA may date prior to 1939. And from your pictures it looks like there is no "Nitro Proof" which I'd think would pre-date the gun further from 1939. Note: Sometimes Proof information is not always spot on. Someone here may have different information? Having said this, I "believe" that after the Nazi Eagle another Eagle design took over and the Crown was not re-used.

Proof Marks - Germany
The modern German proof mark law took effect in 1893, and remained definitive until 1939. In 1939, the proof marking symbol was changed from an imperial crown to a Nazi eagle.

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So huor me please. No nitro no smokeless. Rifle is older than i thought
NAZIS 1938. There is rifiing
This littl rifle is beco.ing very interestimg
Wood had been pai ted with a brush. Little cleaning and some oil.
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The JGA logo within two circles dates from 1914. Not...saying the gun is that old, just that, that logo was in use from 1914 up until the factory was shut down and dismantled. I was wondering what was on the stock. Good going on removing that! Much better now! (y)
Yes, it is interesting. So it appears to have been made between 1914 and 1939 and was proofed with blackpowder...
Great info NIB.
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Nice find. I have two of similar design, but different maker. They are fun to shoot. That missing extractor is too common as they could fall out if the bolt was removed.
You did a great job cleaning the stock.
Color me impressed with the stock rejuvenation.👍
Nice find. I have two of similar design, but different maker. They are fun to shoot. That missing extractor is too common as they could fall out if the bolt was removed.
You did a great job cleaning the stock.
I found an extractor. There is a store that sells them from Great Britian. With very minor adjustments if fits perfect. They are new mfg so if someone needs one I know where to find them. John Knibbs International LTD I get nothing for this information just helping out.
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